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Questions And Answers

Players must be 21 years old to place wagers.

Ohio law (HB 29) limits Type C Providers to only those wager types.

Winning Sports Bet Ohio tickets can be cashed at any participating Sports Bet Ohio retailer up to $599.99.  Winning tickets above $599.99 must be cashed at Ohio Lottery offices (see Cashing My Winning Tickets for details).

Yes, there is an app that can be used to create bets that can be converted to a QR code. Bets created on the app must be scanned at a participating Sports Bet Ohio retailer. Any bet created on the app is not an official bet until the QR code is scanned and a physical ticket is produced. click here to download the app

For all issues: Player Concerns: 1 (833) 515-0578

Availability: 10:00 AM 2:00 AM ET/7 Days a Week

If the odds have changed before you scan the QR code then the wager will print with the odds at the time the QR code is scanned.

Kiosks will be available near the end of January 2023.

On January 1st players can download the Sports Bet Ohio app and go to a licensed Sports Bet Ohio Retailer and create their bet on the app.  After the player makes their selections and enters a wager amount they can create a QR code and scan it at the clerk operated terminal.

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